When Efficiency Meets Confidence:

Master Your Body Like You've Mastered Your Career

When Efficiency Meets Confidence:

Master Your Body Like You've Mastered Your Career


Do You Find Yourself Feeling Drained Inside Staring At The Mirror..

Trying To Figure Out What Happened? While Forcing A Confident Face For The World To See?

As a high-achieving, you've conquered impossible challenges in your life. But on your fitness journey, you constantly hit roadblocks. It's frustrating, I know! 
And if you ask... Why this is happening? 

Most Fitness Programs Focus Solely On Long Workouts And Impossible-To-Follow Diets.

But deep down, you know that your journey to fitness and health goes beyond just sweating it out and counting calories. The continuous cycle of trying, failing, and starting over has chipped away at your CONFIDENCE.

It's not just about physical results; it's about the promises you've made to yourself!

Here's The Irony:

Traditional fitness programs expect US (driven women) to simply "move more and eat less." But let's be real. Time is your most valuable asset, and restrictive diets aren't compatible with your back-to-back restaurant meetings.

It's a frustrating paradox, isn't it? The very programs that are supposed to help you feel great and achieve your goals end up draining your energy, leaving you feeling incongruent, dissatisfied, and stuck. (And WE hate this feeling🤔)

Let's Get Straight To The Simple Truth:

The core problem isn't your dedication or ability. You've already proven that you have what it takes.

The problem lies in the way fitness has been presented to you—as an isolated goal rather than a skill to be mastered.

It's not just about chasing the calories, sweating more, and eating less to achieve confidence.

Body confidence is a skill and it's built through physical and mental strength.

Now, Ask Yourself:

Is it time to break free from this low-energy/confidence cycle and learn the simple skill that will make you physically and mentally strong, so you can truly embody confidence and
naturally have the drive and enthusiasm you demand for yourself?

This Is Exactly Why The LSS Method® Was Born!

After 18 years of working with celebrities, Olympic athletes, executives, and entrepreneurs, I (Isadora 😉) noticed one common problem among driven women – their bodies and minds were holding them back instead of propelling them forward.

That's why I designed the Leaner Stronger Smarter Method as a skill to be mastered. Because as a driven woman, you know that mastering a skill is within your capabilities, right?

Our 1:1 Coaching Program is a 4-part system that efficiently teaches you the essential pillars of a Lean, Strong, and Confident body.

Imagine feeling constantly empowered and confident in your career, relationships, and leadership roles. Well... This our goal for you.

Join our mission to build a community network of 10,000 women worldwide and guide them to become leaner, stronger, and more confident.

Here let me break down the LSS Method® for you...

A Fitness Method unlike anything
you've ever seen before.

Welcome to the world of LSS, where everything is counterintuitive, challenging the norms of traditional fitness programs.

While the old methods demand more sweat and less food, we believe in working smarter, not harder.

Instead of simply giving you an efficient 35-minute training plan and an abundant meal plan, we go beyond and teach you the rationale behind our core principles.
Because when you understand the "why" behind our Method principles, you'll Train Smarter, Live Leaner, and Feel Stronger—for life. 

Method Overview


The LSS Method is divided into four pillars, each consisting of specific skills that guide you toward lasting change.

1. How You Move | Mechanics Mastery

  • Movement Patterns: Optimize movement patterns for improved posture and confidence.
  • Mechanics Mastery: Learn precise exercise execution for faster results with just 35 minutes of training.
  • Activate Muscles with the PMA Technique for faster Progress

See Exercise in a Whole New Light: Because you will Understand Why Precise Execution is Your Key you had be missing.

2. How You Eat | Abundance Eating

  • The Lean Lifestyle: Say goodbye to restrictive diets and enjoy sustainable, satisfying eating patterns that support your crazy-busy lifestyle.
  • Foundation Food: Incorporate key nutrients strategically to control cravings and nourish your body.
  • Macros Mastery: Master the Macros for a Sustainable Lifestyle even when you're constantly on the move.

We believe in adding, not restricting. Choose Abundance: Sustainable and Enjoyable Eating for Lasting Success.

Unleash Your Mind: Performance Mindset

  • Campeao Mindset: How an athlete close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • FUB Accountability System: Experience the power of having peer-to-peer, veteran, and expert accountability.
  • AMR (Anti-Motivation Routine): Create simple, daily habitual systems that make your fitness routine enjoyable and effortless.

Power of Habits: Develop the Mindset for Unstoppable Success.
At the LSS, we have the mindset to anticipate obstacles so we can prepare for them.

4. Restore and Recharge: Recovery Mastery

  • Sleep Mastery: Optimize sleep for refreshed mornings and increased energy with practical tools and techniques.
  • ​Stress Fighter: Cultivate presence and confidence to manage stress and restore balance.
  • Body Hacking Strategies: Revitalize Your Body: Utilize Cutting-Edge Techniques for Optimal Recovery.

Prioritize self-care and optimize your recovery to experience a profound transformation that empowers you to thrive in every area of your life.

"The LSS Method is more than a fitness plan; it's a roadmap! They thought about everything."
S. Ratcliff


How's the Traditional Fitness Approach? Without the LSS Touch

Traditional fitness programs rely on intense workouts and restrictive diets, often leaving individuals feeling deprived and exhausted. Without a proper strategy and knowledge of exercise execution, progress can be slow or even result in injuries. Surprisingly, some programs even lack an initial assessment to identify and anticipate roadblocks you might have.

In contrast, the LSS Strategy Roadmap offers a clear and intentional approach,
divided into four phases:

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Clarity and Commitment

Begin by understanding your current state, define your desired transformation, and uncover and break free from the self-sabotaging behaviors that have held you back in the past. Lay a strong foundation for your journey towards a leaner, stronger, smarter self.

The Optimization 

Dive deep into the 4 pillars of the LSS Method: Mechanics Mastery, Abundance Eating, Performance Mindset, and Recovery Mastery. During this phase, we'll focus on the second most crucial pillar for you while optimizing your skills and providing unlimited feedback on your exercise mechanics. 

The Momentum

Unlock the power of your unconscious mind to develop lasting habits effortlessly. During this phase, you'll learn systems and routines that seamlessly maintain momentum and integrate healthy habits into your life.

The Rhythm

By this stage, you'll have established habits and systems in all 4 pillars of the LSS Method, moving in sync towards your goals of a Leaner, Stronger, and Smarter body.

Phase 1

Clarity and Commitment

Establish a strong foundation by understanding your current state, defining your desired transformation, and uncovering and break the "sabotaging" behaviors that hold you back in the past.

Phase 2

The Optimization

Dive deep into the 4 pillars of the LSS Method, focusing on the second most crucial pillar for you, while optimizing your skills and receiving unlimited feedback on your exercise mechanics. 

Phase 3

The Momentum

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind to effortlessly develop lasting habits. Learn systems and routines that maintain momentum and integrate healthy habits seamlessly.

Phase 4

The Rhythm

Established habits and systems in all 4 pillars of a Leaner Stronger and Smart body.

Throughout the program, you will benefit from weekly live coaching calls and daily accountability within our supportive group. This strategic journey allows you master the skill to Train Smarter, Live Leaner, and Feel Stronger.

Now, let's see if this program is right for you.


  • You're a driven woman over 35 who is determined to boost your confidence through exercise.
  • ​You're ready to invest the time, money, and​ effort to become a better version of yourself.
  • ​You're willing to be coached and follow directions.​
  • You are ready to look in the mirror, LOVE what you see.
  • ​You're motivated to save time money, and energy by mastering the LSS Method​.
  • ​You're fed up with living in a body that does not represent you.


  • You're looking for a quick fix or magic solution without putting in the necessary effort.
  • You constantly make excuses, blame others, or play the victim instead of taking responsibility for your actions.
  • You're not willing to invest the time and money required to achieve a long-lasting lean body.
  • You’re not willing to follow the 6-month Plan
  • ​​You seek​ permission from others before making important decisions about your health and well-being.

A Results-driven Method Made for Driven Women

Meet my driven girls, who found themselves stuck in the frustration cycle until them discovered the LSS Method. Now, they're not just leaner and stronger, but they're also built body confidence and enjoy a healthier relationship with food and themselves.

Isn't it time you break free from the frustration cycle?

Only 7 spots are available each month.

Unleash your body confidence, feel physically and mentally strong, and fall in love with what you see in the mirror.

Step into the world of Leaner, Stronger, Smarter Method and start experiencing true freedom and control over your body.

Don't let another day pass you by. Schedule a call now. Let's discuss your fitness goals and see how the LSS Method can revolutionize your fitness journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to dedicate to this program?

The LSS Method is designed to be efficient and effective. Our training sessions are only 35 minutes long, allowing you to maximize your time. We understand the demands of a busy career and lifestyle, so we've optimized the program to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Can I maintain my career and lifestyle while following this program?

Absolutely! The LSS Method is specifically crafted for high achievers like you who have demanding careers and lifestyles. Our program is designed to work harmoniously with your life, providing you with the tools and strategies to achieve your fitness goals without sacrificing your career or personal life. Most women who follow the LSS Method decided to train at home to maximize their time.

Is this program suitable for beginners or those with previous injuries?

Yes, the LSS Method is suitable for beginners and individuals with previous injuries. Our program starts with a thorough assessment to understand your unique needs and limitations. We then tailor the workouts and exercises to your fitness level, ensuring a safe and effective training experience.

How is this program different from others I've tried in the past?

The LSS Method is unique because it's not just about more exercise or stricter diets, but about training smarter to live leaner and feel stronger. We go beyond workouts and diets by providing a comprehensive roadmap addressing all 4 aspects of your fitness journey. Ensuring lasting results and a transformation beyond physical appearance.

What kind of support will I receive throughout this program?

We provide extensive support throughout your LSS journey. You'll have access to weekly live coaching calls, daily accountability in our supportive community, and the LSS Training App messaging for personalized guidance. We're here to answer your questions, provide motivation, and guide you every step of the way.

What Equipment would I need to buy if I decided to train from home?

If you decide to train from home, like many women who have adopted the LSS Method, you'll only need a few key pieces of equipment to get started. These include:

A Mat, Loop Bands, a Foam Roller, And Dumbbells.

With these basic equipment items, you'll have everything you need to effectively follow the LSS Method and achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.

What kind of diet does this program advocate for?

The LSS Method promotes a sustainable and enjoyable approach to eating. We focus on smart eating, incorporating foundation foods, and mastering macros. Our program emphasizes nourishing your body with wholesome foods while allowing you to enjoy the foods you love. It's about finding balance and creating a personalized eating plan that supports your long-term success.

Remember, the LSS Method is more than a workout program. It's a way of life that gives you the capability to Train Smarter, Live Leaner, and Feel Stronger without sacrificing other areas of your life.

Schedule a call NOW. As driven women, we know that tomorrow never comes.
Your journey to a leaner, stronger, smarter you starts NOW. Let's do this.

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